Matt SerrezeOperations Manager

    Matthew Serreze is the Owner of Benjamin Construction and Director of Operations. Matt orchestrates every aspect of the jobs – from managing contracts, quality control, hiring employees, and providing feedback.

    He has been with Benjamin Construction for 15 years.

    His journey began at Mass Art where he earned a degree in industrial design and went on to work in a metal fabrication shop. Soon after, he began working for Benjamin Construction and recognized John Benjamin’s commitment to providing high-quality work in all circumstances. In an attempt to further continue the success of Benjamin Construction, Matt went back to school at Wentworth Institute of Technology for a degree in project management.

    Once John Benjamin decided to retire, Matt stepped up to continue the legacy of the company.

    A key component to Matt’s success at Benjamin Construction is his passion for building and creating. With a background in art and industrial design, his work at Ben Co. comes naturally as he bridges together functional and beautiful living spaces. Matt’s communication skills are another beneficial quality, as he is able to understand many points of view that come with the job.

    When Matt isn’t at Benjamin Construction, you’ll find him spending time with his wife and two children, working on his own home, and jumping off rocks and riding down gnarly boulders (mountain biking!).

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