Master Carpenters. Dedicated to Craft.

When you need expert carpentry services, Benjamin Construction proves an ideal choice. Like a compound curve on a spiral staircase, our work is delicate, refined and meant to last. Skilled carpentry requires a balance of Old World practice and modern innovation. Our carpenters can bridge the centuries, making older homes functional and comfortable without losing their charm. We believe that no detail is too small, meaning that we focus on excellence in construction of unseen as well as visible aspects of the project. We do not shy away from the latest technologies that make your home look and feel as if it were new. This might involve replicating traditional building methods within the room to ensure a cohesive design, or adding new elements like engineered lumber for improved results. Because we focus on your long-term satisfaction, we ensure every aspect meets your expectations, with no shortcuts on quality materials or construction.

No detail is too small. Our team is creating art and signing our name to it, therefore we always put our best foot forward and focus on your long-term satisfaction.

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