Triantafyllos GkrekosLead Carpenter

    Fil, a talented carpenter, acquired his skills through hands-on experience alongside his father growing up. Hailing from Greece, he was raised in a family of craftsmen and went on to establish his own shop, where he specialized in creating custom kitchen cabinets, staircases, and coffered ceilings.

    With a passion for preserving historical buildings, Fil collaborated with archaeological societies and worked on 15th and 16th-century structures, including altars and monasteries. In 2014, he moved to the USA and started as a framer, later transitioning to a carpenter. Within three years, he became a Lead Carpenter, relishing the opportunity to be creative and tackle challenging projects.

    Fil enjoys working with clients, designers, and architects and pursues personal woodworking projects in his home shop. Outside of his craft, he finds joy in skiing, bowling, traveling, and constantly seeking inspiration and new experiences.

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